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Welcome to the world of Cybernetics Consultant

Cybernetics Consultant is a one stop solution for all I.T. needs. Specially focused towards SMEs, start-ups, we help them achieve their goal digitally. Our extended range of services will partner you towards your corporate vision and achieve your goals.

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Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Digital marketing is a collection of tools that we use for an objective of gaining attention of our potential customers in the digital world.Todays customers are cyber savvy and often research and review online to arrive at there purchase decision. We help you define your digital marketing strategies in synergy with brick and motor marketing strategies. The approach will take into account your current efforts and presence in the internet and together with you develop a road map to ultimately gear up you’re your online lead generation. The primary tools we will use would include search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, content management, etc. These tools when used in co-ordinations with each other and with your offline marketing strategies.

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Website Design:

Website Design Website Designing is the first step to the world in digital marketing is getting a functional website. It serves as your foundation to all your digital marketing effort. Like all foundation it is critical for all your marketing efforts. If the foundation is improper it will results in a lot of rework. Not only does it have to be presentable to the human eye but also attracting. Of the few billion plus websites yours has to stand out. Then it is not enough to be friendly to the human eye, it has to be extremely friendly to the search engine. This is very critical as today in the internet we see what the search engine shows us. We can convert your existing website to more search engine friendly and galvanized marketing tool. If you do not have one worry not we can build you one that will be as per best international standards.

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Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization is the key to online arketing. Today we see only that what search engine shows us in the internet. However good your content is it will only be of value once potential customers sees it. To add on to your challenges search engines have been modifying and improving its algorithms everyday. So what might look like a good strategy today may not work out tomorrow. Also there is an constant effort by the search engine to keep out bad practices from impacting the page rankings. Some practices may in fact get you negative results. We can with our tie ups with global consultants and years of proven experience guide you with the latest trends and ensure that your site and business draws the attention it disserves.

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Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing In todays world the impact of social media is too big to ignore. Be it the politicians, big corporates or your competitors everyone is taking advantage of the Social Media and there is no reason you should be left out. In a high impact highly crowded world we will guide you to greater numbers of ‘eye balls’. We have a team excellent content writer to produce your media content. The content we produce is not only high quality mater to read but carefully crafted in a way to boost your over all website ranking and is classically integrated with your search engine optimization efforts.

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Email Marketing:

Email Marketing The most used and miss-used tool of digital marketing is Email Marketing. However a well crafted campaign and adhering to the best practices may lead to astronomical returns on investment and loyal customers. It is certainly not about dumping emails in unwilling inboxes. Because that way all you get is negative attention and might land up with situations where you are treated as a spammer and may have legal consequences. We help you get global grade mailers with all the best practices built in to give you and your potential and existing customers a once in a life time experience.

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Software Development:

Software Development Custom built software has a huge advantage over their off the shelf cousins. They are built to meet your need with the exact precision. Thereby matching your expectation in terms of out put. Here we work with a team of experts who ensure that enough scope is kept for easy future modification and the latest in process improvement are implemented. Our team will help you and your team to articulate the need and define the requirements. Then a an expert will test and develop a proof of concept and finally implement the application for you. We offer a unique opportunity of having applications that work offline and online or if the requirements so demand a hybrid model that encompasses the best of both world.

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Open Source Migration Support:

Open Source Migration Support We help organizations migrate to various open source platforms. This would help companies save on huge licensing cost. However such endeavors are always filled with challenges. We help companies to start with identify the correct alternatives and then train the team to use it. Also where required we help in customize and make changes that make it easy for the end users. In the process we study your team's current usage of the current platform to identify the key requirements. Then we identify the best match that will save huge licensing cost at minimum to no downtime.

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Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure Management We help take care of your infrastructure need. From CCTV to access control, from LAN set up to high-end server management we can guide you to the right solution. Our team of experts in partnership with professionals with extensive experience in leading MNCs will help build and manage your set up using the latest and the best technologies. We believe in your optimal development and deploying the best solution for your need. Our experience over the years have shown us that the correct mix of old and new school often is the best match to the real-life requirement.

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Misslanious Services:

Incase you do not see the services you are looking for is not listed please email us your requirements at and we will get back to you.

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